"Empowerment of women belonging to all social status is the need of the day. It can be possible only through their educational and consequent professional advancement in life. As per the words of Brigham Young, ‘you educate a woman, you educate a generation’. But, woman seems to be helpless victims of all sorts of violence and discriminations. Poverty and tradition act as the constraints for them to establish their individual advancement. All families give step motherly treatment to female children. They also consider them as a burden to the families. But they happily forget the fact that women alone are the preservers of peace, happiness and harmony at home. If a woman is educated, all others will get educated through her. Women education should be upper most in the minds of every individual. Educating a woman is a gate way to the development of home, society and country. Considering this fact, a great initiative is taken with a legendary vision to provide educational avenues to the women belonging to rural areas. It is mainly to inculcate in their minds self-confidence, assertion, individuality and independence. If women have these virtues, they can brave any situations in life with positive outlook and emerge as responsible citizens of our nation. I happily welcome you all to the portals of JNCW."



The college is located on the Trichy – Chennai National Highway- 45, Pali at Ulundurpet in Villupuram district. It has an extensive campus with all modern infrastructures in an extent of 15 acres. It is a self financing institution affiliated to Thriuvalluvar University at Vellore. The college offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses of Arts and Science streams. Academics are supplemented with co-curricular and extracurricular activities in which college has excellent track records.